Class 3 Program

Brief Information about The Class 3 Program.


To get a Class 3 driver’s licence you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • hold any class of Alberta non-probationary driver’s licence (Graduated Driver’s Licensing Program drivers are not eligible for a Class 3 licence)
  • have successfully completed the Air Brake Program (Q Endorsement), if applicable. (if not completed Airbrake will be provided)
  • Pass the Class 3 MELT driver’s knowledge test at any Alberta registry agent.

What we Provide and Costs:

Skyway Driving School Charges $1,550 for 12 Hrs. of training on an automatic transmission and we charge $1,750 for 12Hrs. of training on a manual transmission. If you have not completed the Air-Brake course you can contact us and book a date for the course for $200.


Please feel free to contact us at-